When we’re in school, there are a multitude of people that can guide us through the ups and downs. Our parents have been through school, older siblings are just ahead of us, teachers know the playing field. But as we grow older there are less people that have followed our same journey. Neither of my parents have lectured before. My siblings are entirely different fields to me. And so it becomes important to find a mentor.

I had a conversation about this with a friend today. We chatted about how a mentor can be a person that helps guide you through your development. And that you can have more than one mentor. One at the same age as you, one a little older and one towards the end of their career.

Asking someone to be your mentor may seem a little weird. But they’re likely to be more than willing to take you on. They’ll be able to give advice, share lessons and link you up with people. In doing this, they may also benefit from being in contact with someone with a different generational perspective.

So if you’re a young professional, see if you can get someone to be your mentor. And if you’re in a more senior professional, maybe offer to mentor someone if you feel they’d benefit from it 🙂

P.S here's a nice little article on mentoring

Image is of the hotel where we had a meeting this morning.

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