Most of the vibrant friendships and experiences I’ve had in my life have started with giving unconditionally. Either by someone giving to me or vice versa.

For example, last year I was hosted in Switzerland for a few nights during the St Gallen Symposium. My hosts were warm and generous. They let me come a few days early. They took me around the city, showed me some of the best foods and spent a significant amount of time with me. The experience was phenomenal.

Next week, the same person arrives in Cape Town. And I can’t wait to give in return. She’ll be staying at our place and I plan on taking her all around the city. She’ll also be staying with my mom in Joburg.

We’ve spent less than 5 days together in total, but we’re really close. And it’s due to her being so generous

Giving makes you happy

Apart from the bonds that are formed and the chance to receive as well, giving actually makes you happier. A famous psychological study in Switzerland showed that people that gave away money rather than keep it were happier. Significantly so.

We might be predisposed to selfishness, either inherently or due to society. But it’s in giving that we find the most happiness

Image is from a little drive we went on this afternoon 🙂

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