This evening I had the privilege to go to an event a Youth Entrepreneurship Programme event hosted by BEE Novation at Investec. The speakers and panelists were phenomenal and so was the networking afterwards.

There was something that one of the speakers said that stuck with me. They used an analogy for BEE and diversity that compared it to each country being a soccer team.

Some countries, like Switzerland, have all their players on the field, firing at their full potential.

But in South Africa, 90% of the country spent most of the 19th and 20th century on the bench. They weren’t allowed to play in the team. They weren’t even taught how to play.

Now, after 20+ years of democracy, most of the team is still sitting on the bench. Which makes it hard for the team to function at it’s optimum level.

So the objective of policies that address transformation and diversity is to try and get everyone on the field. To motivate people already on the field to reach out and help the players on the bench into the game. To let them participate in helping our country succeed.

So when looking at these policies, keep in mind that the objective isn’t to pull the current players off the field. 

It’s to bring the marginalized ones on.

Image is of the Cape Town City vs Kaiser Chiefs game last weekend 🙂

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