On Friday my thesis efforts were completely derailed.

I met with my supervisor and, while discussing my results, we realised there was a massive error in my data. The PhD student who started the initial work on the data set had accidentally dropped around 200 observations . And I’d been working on this for the last few months completely unaware.

What this meant was that all my results would change. After checking with the new data, I found that some results were similar but some were entirely different. This meant that I’d have to completely change my results section, methods description and even parts of my literature review.

With only two days to hand in, this would be impossible (even if I worked solidly throughout the weekend). And next week I begin work on a new consulting project and I start lecturing.

So the only option is to re-register and delay my hand in.

My heart sank when I realised this. I’d been working so hard and despite my best efforts I was derailed. Some of my other initial thoughts were:

  • I had let people down
  • I wouldn’t finish my masters on time
  • I had failed to achieve my own goals
  • I would have even more work lying ahead of me.

However, upon reflecting I realised that this was all an unnecessary amount of pressure I had put on myself. My friends would still support me if I didn’t hand in on time. My goals were impacted by something I couldn’t have foreseen. And many, many people I know have taken a little extra time for their masters.

Furthermore, there were some really great benefits to postponing. My results are still really exciting and my supervisor says that I could potentially get a distinction for my thesis. Even better, it could even be publishable. And now I have more time to work on it.

Additionally, I’ve been able to take today off, which is the first bit of time I’ve properly taken off since January.

So I’ve been derailed. But I’m okay. And I know that I’ll be able to put together some incredible work.

Thank you to everyone that has supported me so far on this journey. It’s going to be a little longer, but I’m still excited for what’s to come 🙂

Image was taken at the School of Economics last year 🙂

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