Over the past four years I’ve been fortunate to experience a variety of fine dining experiences. A close friend of mine brings me along on his escapades, and I get to participate in some incredible adventures. And the thing that stands out for me is how delicate they are.

It’s easy to over emphasise stuff. A massive steak, a big glass of wine, an extravagant ice cream. But the thing that has stood out on these adventures is restraint. The ability for the chefs to make phenomenal experiences with few ingredients.

This speaks to more than just food. Being outrageous and loud is one way to attract attention. But there’s something much more special in making a craft out of the delicate and the subtle. The noise may bring the people, but the gentle craft is what keeps them there.

Image was taken today at Wolfgat, the restaurant we were at. If you’d like to follow my friend you can find his instagram account here

Song of the day: Taylor Swift - Delicate
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