One of the most difficult things I have found when it comes to writing, particularly academic writing, is constructing a narrative for a body of work.

Finding the right literature can be adventure, as you follow a rabbit hole of more and more relevant stuff that you gently collect. And data work is a series of problems that you slowly tease through until you have the right nuggets that you need. 

But these are just the building blocks. They’re the right pieces of lego, but they still need to be assembled into something coherent. 

A life of blocks

The same could be said of our lives. Some friendships, career opportunities or relationships might come naturally to us. And as such are the building blocks to our lives.

But how we build our own narrative is important. Two people with similar things in their lives could have an entirely different narrative for themselves.

In the same way a set of lego blocks could make a great structure or just be a pile on the floor. 

So much comes down to how we place them. And how we build our narrative

Image is of the Cape Town stadium, taken in Greenpoint Park 🙂

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