The job that you really want but don’t think you could ever get. The business idea that you want to launch but it’s too audacious. The person or thing that you dream of but is out of your reach…. 

That’s your unicorn. 

Your unicorn is something that you think is so far beyond you that you don’t even dare to go for it. The quest seems futile…. so you never try.

However, that unicorn might be needing you too. The job is looking for a person like you. The business idea needs someone like you to drive it. You might just be the unicorn to your unicorn.

The trick is to not get caught in your own assumptions about the unicorn. You might rule yourself out of it, but in reality there could be a very strong possibility of it happening. It’s up to you to change your perspective and allow yourself  to try for it.

So… what are you waiting for?

Go chase your unicorn

Image is from our little adventure to Hout Bay this afternoon 🙂

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