There’s something special that happens when a group of people go camping (or, generally, when they’re away together on holiday). There comes a point at night when the conversation always seems to go further than it would under any other circumstances.

The evenings will start with general small talk. But at some point the conversation will turn towards taboo topics. And everyone begins to open up.

I’m not sure why this is the case. I do know that it is in these rare moments and conversations that I’ve learnt an incredible amount about myself and others.

I don’t think these conversions should ever be planned or forced. But it is possible to create the environment for them, and the opportunity for people to open up .

They’re a special little pocket that allow for people to be vulnerable. And, more importantly, it allows them to develop their friendship in a way that might not have been possible before.

Image was taken at the farm we’re staying on tonight 🙂 (image isn’t loading as the signal on the farm is bad but I’ll upload it soon)

Song of the day: Adele- Someone like you
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