I’m often asked how I’m able to handle so many different projects at the same time. For example, over the last few months I’ve been lecturing on two courses and doing my masters at UCT. I’m also working on two startups, undertaking a big economic impact evaluation and planning a major entrepreneurship event for next year.

The secret is that I only juggle two or three projects at any one time. Often some will remain on standby until a slot opens up. Switching between them happens on a week by week basis, depending on what is important and urgent.

An Opening in the Juggling

After signing off on the two courses last week, a bit of space has opened up. And I’m going to fill this with my Masters thesis. I’d been hoping to free up this space about two months ago, but a delay in the economic impact evaluation meant I couldn’t. So I’m left with quite a short space of time to write it.

Over the next two months or so, my blog is likely to have reflections on my thesis. My topic is centred on the relationship between mental health and economic outcomes (though it’s going to evolve as I go). I’ll also make the final thesis available on the blog for everyone to see

It’s going to be the biggest project I’ve ever worked on. And I can’t wait to pick it up and start juggling.

Image was taken at the University of Oxford earlier this year. We were staying in this street during the Oxford Global Challenge. We were runners up in the event (I’ll post a blog about this soon).

Blog 41/365. Read more about my #365of25 journey here


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