As we get older we have less time to do all the things we’d like to do. A significant portion of our life is allocated to working or sustaining ourselves.

And so, with the remaining portion of time we need to prioritize what we’d like to be doing. We do this by trying to allocate the time to what is most important to us.

Is your hobby your most important thing? Or your friends? Or your partner? Or even more work?

It’s okay to choose where you’d like to spend your time. If everything is equally important to you, you can split your time evenly and try and maintain a balance.

But if you decide to neglect some aspects of your life, they will fade.

If you focus exclusively on your work and partner, your friendships will die. And if you dedicate yourself to your hobbies and interests, there may be less room for a career.

You can choose any allocation you want. Just understand what the impact of this choice is.

Image is from Newlands forest

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