I know I’ve written a post very similar to this one before. But it still astounds me how many great things I get to work on and do.

Today was a fairly “ordinary” day, and comprised of:

  • Advising a new tech startup: I’m working with two students that I’ve lectured this year to build an exciting new startup
  • Working on early childhood development: a consultancy has approached me for help in evaluating the behavioral impact of new apps on child literacy
  • Learning more about behavioural insights (BI) units: next was a lunchtime seminar from a consultancy that works on behavioural economics projects
  • Rounding up the greentech strategy project: did a bit of work on the final version of our strategy for the special economic zone
  • Supporting the expansion of a logistics company: helping them design their marketing and administrative processes for the busy season

And after this, I spent the afternoon with my mom, which included a little boat cruise and drinks at the Silo hotel.

Three years ago, I would never have imagined a day like this in my wildest dreams.

And today it was a very normal reality

Image was taken at the Silo 🙂

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