Most weekends this year have been filled with work, but I’l try take a morning of afternoon off to rest/relax. This usually involves sleeping in late, having afternoon naps, watching series, playing playstation or having a drink with a friend. I’d dub this “passive relaxation“, where you don’t really engage in anything else except resting.

This can be great, especially if you’ve had a particularly heavy week. And usually it is very necessary to take the first bit of down time as passive relaxation.

But at some point, the returns to this diminish. Sleeping 10 hours will leave you rested, but sleeping an additional 5 will not help you (and might throw off your sleep cycle.

Active Relaxation

The opposite to this would be active relaxation, which would involve making an effort to do enjoyable things in your time off. These might include long drives, going on hikes/walks, going to the beach or hosting a bunch of friends for a braai.

As much as I enjoy active relaxation, I too often fall into the habit of over dosing on passive relaxation. Instead of getting equal amounts of the two, I’ll spend the whole day indoors, sleeping and watching series.

Today I was able to find the balance. I slept until 10, watched some series and tidied the house. I then spent the afternoon on a drive with friends which included some hiking and a picnic on a beach.

And now I feel much more relaxed and rested than if I’d spent the whole day watching TV.

I think both types of relaxing are important. But it’s equally important to find a balance between the two.

Image was taken on our drive to Cape Point today. This baboon stole our Doritos and proceeded to eat the whole bag in front of us

Song of the day: Adventure of a lifetime - Coldplay
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