Lecturing Lesson #5: The Path

At the start of every lecture, I tell my students the path we’re going to take over the next hour or two. This will usually be accompanied with a slide that has a few bullet points on the major sections of the lecture.

Every time we move to a new section, I’ll bring up the slide again to show them where we are.

And at the end of the lecture, I’ll bring it up one more time to recap where we started and where we have ended up.

Doing this helps provide context to the content and draws a narrative between the major points. It also helps keep students focused (probably cause they know they’re getting closer to being able to leave).

It’s a simple tool, but highly effective in guiding students and making sure they don’t get lost.



Picture is of my friend Charly running in Newlands Forest, taken sometime last year 🙂

P.S. this is the last of the lecturing lessons series (for now) 🙂

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